The Entitlement Trap by the Eyres   
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3 Reasons to buy this book NOW!

    Shop these sites and to order the book:

    Or just get on down to your favorite bookstore!

    Fellow parents, in addition to getting our new book into your hands (and into the way you raise your children in these difficult times) we want to recruit you to the cause of rescuing kids all over the world from the Entitlement Trap. With your help, we can get this book on the bestseller lists, and that is what will make other parents aware of it. The reason this is important is that parents everywhere see it on the lists, a word of mouth and viral "buzz" starts, and more and more parents get the book. We are asking for your help to make this happen because we feel this is the most important parenting book we have ever written and strongly believe that it can make a real difference in families and be instrumental in producing happier more responsible kids--and the only way to save this debt-ridden world, financially or otherwise, is one child and one family at a time--and that is a good cause!

    Thanks so much, Richard and Linda

    PS: Please forward the link to this webpage to family and friends and anyone you think would benefit from the new book--and anyone you think would want to be part of this cause of strengthening families and helping rescue kids from the entitlement trap that threatens us all.

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